Power is elusive.  The powerful like it that way.  The more confused you are, the more secure they are.  Conspiracy theory attempts to locate power and expose it.  Or maybe it merely serves to exacerbate our confusion.

mind control
Necessary illusions must be propagated.  But the media apparatus for the delivery of correct thought is expensive and unwieldy.  Implants are cost effective and portable, offering a wireless  solution for today's man on the go.

panic culture
Panic is a natural response to the millennial consolidation of power.  Surf  the shared technogasm of the American millennium.  St. John's visions pale in comparison to the broadband apocalypse.

Hopes for redemption and salvation are born of panic.  Panic forgets liberation.  The space brothers shall set things right. We wait for the new boss.  Or the return of the ancient one.

Power itself is not immune to panic.  Triumphalism needs its police.  The people are a willing accomplice.  The militarization of private life is completed as the surveilled suburban assault vehicle enters the gated community.

What is wired can be touched.  When power is wired, it is at once removed and made accessible.  We can rifle an electronic drawer of personal effects from a thousand miles away.  Reach out touch the hand that binds you.

To buy is to own and to own is to exert  power.  To us is left but the power to buy, the moral calling of a panic culture.  Heed the call.  And the book?  A reminder of a dusty, analog era.  Feed your nostalgia.  Buy what already owns you.