latest additions
Read it online while you still can

Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project Summary
The US Navy prepares for the "global unfolding of the Y2K systemic event"--don't you just love milspeak?

FEMA's Disaster Preparedness Page
Apocalyptic fun for the whole family

Y2K Newswire
Your daily dose of millennial panic

The Millennia Consortium
A thorn in the side of the New World Order?

The PANIC Encyclopedia
The definitive guide
Millennial madness from alien abductions to zombies

Postmodern Culture
The online journal of all things postmodern

Leading Edge Research
For all your millennial needs

The 24 Hour Church of Elvis
We all need a little bit of Elvis

Internet Text
Millennial meditations on cyberspace

J.G. Ballard
AutoCrash Erotica

Fortean Times
Stoke your pre-millennial tension

buddhist anamorphism guattarinating thine undefined point

Krokers' Home Page
Theorizing the virtual class

Nexus Magazine
For information anarchists everywhere

Linda Howe's reports from the end of time

All that's paranormal

Pugs Unite!

Public Shelter
Our friend, the atom

You need this like you need a hole in your head

Borderland Sciences
Sandwiched between the known and the unknown (hold the mayo)

Pomo & pop culture

More panic on the Web

Burning Man Project
Desert catharsis in neon and fire

Paradigm Links
the end or the beginning?

Technology, media, and society

NY Underground Film Festival
Watch it in the dark

Avant-pop Amerika

Tiki News
Menihune men from Mars

The Institute for unstable media

The Kooks Museum
Diana Kossy's tour of alternative realities

Hacking their way into your future

Putrid Afterthought
A very strange place

Internet Crime Archives
Social Register of serial killers

The Elvis (unofficial) Home Page
Don't forget the peanut butter

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
Miss the Cold War?  Enjoy the music

Bees get TV

The Rat Pack
Dino, Sammy, Frank, Joey, & Peter

Open that third eye

Elvisians From Another Planet
Alien Elvii

Atomic Books
Baltimore's claim to fame

Books from the fringe

Essential Media Counterculture
Your guide to the best of alternative culture in print, sound and video

Alternative Press
Publishers of Cool Books & Zines

Illuminet Press
The ultimate conspiracy book resource

Black Planet Books
Radical books by mail

FringeWare, Inc.
Austin's panic culture hub

Feral House Press
Refusing to be domesticated

Rare music streamed to your loyal pc

Loompanics Unlimited
Mayhem and underground info

All Electric Paperbacks
Esoteric selection of used paperbacks

Archives of Unusual Poetry
And you thought art was dead

Marginal Distribution
Alternative theory and cultural studies

Expansive index of alt ether

Mind Travel +
Do they offer frequent flyer miles?

Multimedia cultural studies

Millennium Matters
From channelling to UFOs
Transmissions from quantum time

Leave your copyright at the door

Beautiful and mysterious

Freedom, slack, and cyberpunks

A tour of you subconsious desires

better than any annotation I can put here

Museum of Jurassic Technology
Relics for the millenium

Hypezne or art, writing, new media
Anarchy, Situtationsts, and poetry

Gray Areas
In life, there is no black and white

Survival Research Laboratories
Please stay behind the yellow line

Surfascist Revolution
Baudrillard is an honored guest

Sarfatti's WARP
Warped musings from the outlaw physicist

Rants and more rants