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mind control
panic culture

Defund the World Bank!

Fight the World Bank and IMF! 

Mobilization for Global Justice

Indy Media Center DC

The Whirled Bank

The Global Aracde

share you panic

BBC Interview

The US Intelligence Community
A swell bunch o' guys!

The one stop spook shop

Still going strong

Nicaraguan Contras and Cocaine
Excerpts from the Kerry Report

Information Warfare
Resources from FAS

Preparing for the 21st Century
Commission Report on the US Intelligence Community

Controlling the parameters of free thought

Parapolitics, intelligence, and state research

Red Team
Strategic vulnerability assessment

Intelligence on the Web
Outstanding Meta-index to Spooks on the Web

US Army Intel Center @ Fort Huachuca
Military spook school

US Domestic Cold War Ops
Be aware of your limits

The National Military Intelligence Association
Still active, still paranoid

They're on the phone when you are

Information Warfare
Covert Ops go Digital

The Alliance
Fighting government secrecy and dirty tricks

Sources e Journal
Excellent intelligence-related ezine

Public Eye
How they are watching you

FAS's Overhead the Intelligence Community
Sat photos of THEM watching US

FAS's Guide to the Intelligence Industrial Base
So, who does business for the spooks?

Project on Government Secrecy
Excellent resources for open government

Project on Intelligence Reform
No more covert ops

Big Brother Incorporated
Reporting on the trade in surveillance technologies

Psychological Ops in Guerilla Warfare
CIA handbook tells you how!

News from the secret world

Remote viewing trade school

Covert Action Quarterly
The best journal on the shadow government

Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
Excellent pointers to spook resources

Pinknoiz's Covert Ops
A catalog of shameful activities

Center for Defense Information
Superb info on US militarism

The Journal of Electronic Defense
Requires registration, but is worth it

CIA Base
Database of CIA crimes & thugs

Privacy International Homepage
Keeping THEM out of your business

Top Secret Consumertronics
High Tech Survivalism

Intelligence Online
Spook news

Tools of the trade

Shortwave Spy Numbers Stations
Learn how to hear encrypted broadcasts

The CONET Project
Collecting Spy Numbers Stations on CD-ROM


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